LIVING IN THE CITY: 'Homelessness is the ONLY horrible thing.'

Lynne Bolton loves the convenience, excitement and almost everything about life in downtown San Diego's East Village

“Living In the City” is the San Diego Sun‘s feature Q&A with downtown San Diego residents. It’s a way to get to know the city by meeting the people who live here. This is an ongoing series.

Name: Lynne Bolton

Location: An East Village row home

Personal deets: Born in San Diego, raised in New Jersey, I’ve lived in San Diego for 37 years, including 7 years downtown with my husband.

Reason(s) for living downtown: Convenience. Access to public transportation for our son, who doesn’t drive. Excitement. Proximity to restaurants and entertainment.

Meet Mojo, who has his own Instagram page.

Pets: A standard poodle named Mojo (He’s on Instagram: @mojo.theurbanpoodle).

Working from home: I’m a retired scenic artist. I dabble in redesigning hats and I paint a bit.

Best aspect of your location: The freedom of living in an actual house with no HOA.

Worst aspect of your location: Vacation rentals.

Best thing(s) about living downtown: Comic-Con, Petco Park, Gaslamp Quarter, Happy Hours, walking everywhere.

Worst thing about living downtown: The destructiveness and dysfunction of some people who refuse help and are living on the street, making camps and creating chaos. Some wreak havoc with our landscaping, sidewalks and trash cans. They steal bikes and packages, and leave excrement in our bushes. Why should those of us who live lawfully have to deal with the crime and filth from people who decide to not follow the rules? (See Final thought, below, for more on homelessness.)

Tajima East Village.

Lunch place(s): Tajima East Village, Lotus Thai, Serrano’s for Taco Tuesday.

Dinner spot: Havana 1920—love the empanadas, El Presidente cocktails, oxtail stew and tres leches cake.

Save me a barstool at: The secret speakeasy Prohibition.

Parking advice: The Park It On Market lot at Sixth Avenue and Market Street.

Transportation mode: 95% walking, 5% driving.

Scooters: A menace to pedestrians…but better since COVID.

Cosplayers abound at the annual Comic-Con.

Comic-Con anecdote: I have an amusing video of a dude dressed as Daenerys, the Mother of All Dragons from Game of Thrones, staggering up J Street along with a tipsy red dragon.

Padres games: We rarely go to games, but I like the excitement of every season. We get to see old friends who come downtown for games.

Safety ranking: Downtown is perfectly safe, unless you’re partying till early morning. Alcohol and drugs can make people volatile.

Bolton on homelessness: “…We need legislation that cares for those with disabilities, addictions or are mentally ill.”

Final thought: Homelessness is the ONLY horrible thing about living downtown. We need legislation that cares for those with disabilities, addictions or are mentally ill. Some people are on the streets and unable to make decisions about what’s best for them. They’re out there wandering around, talking to themselves. I have a heart for the mentally ill, and anyone who doesn’t choose to be on the street. We are barbaric to make them have to fend for themselves, knowing that they cannot. SDSun


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