LIVING IN THE CITY: The Hypnotic Life In East Village

Stephen and Angela Dela Cruz (aka Christy Love) are mesmerized by downtown San Diego as a live/work/play home base
Stephen and Angela Dela Cruz. (Courtesy photo)

“Living In the City” is the San Diego Sun’s feature Q&A with downtown San Diego residents. It’s a way to get to know the city by meeting the people who live here. This is number 39 in an ongoing series.

Name: Stephen Dela Cruz

Residence: Idea1 Apartments in East Village. I was the sixth tenant to move into the building in 2017. 

Work deets: I own I’m a hypnotherapist, life coach and business strategist. Working from home, I create content for social media and make new online courses for people to learn how to use hypnosis to improve their lives and businesses. Come see me September 21 at the Digital Marketing Summit.

Personal deets: Grew up in a military family and moved up and down the California coast. Moved to San Diego from the Bay Area in 2011 and now consider San Diego my hometown. My wife, Angela, and I have lived downtown since 2014.

Amusing anecdote: My wife is an adult actress and she gets recognized a lot (her stage name is Christy Love). One time someone driving by in a car yelled, “What the hell!…She’s married to that?!” I find it soooo hilarious! Angela and I have been married for 14 years but dating for 18 years and have an open marriage. It was tough in the beginning but I love this adventure we’re on together. She is the best wing woman! 

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A Dela Cruz patio dinner. (Courtesy photo)

Why downtown: So much networking happens and so many opportunities are downtown. I wanted to be in the middle of it all. I do a lot of corporate speaking/training and it’s all walking distance to the various offices for my big contracts. 

Best aspect of your building: I live in the corner of the building and the views are amazing. I have a lot of patio space to host dinners, my entrepreneur/hypnosis seminars and monthly networking events. 

Worst aspect of your building: The surrounding homelessness. But the people who are unsheltered are still people. They’ve landed in unfortunate situations. I dislike the smell. Some who are on drugs are really rude. I’ve made a few friends out there, but it’s sad. 

Streaming/watching: I love business movies–The Founder, The Greatest Showman, The Wolf of Wall Street.

Podcast: Life By Design Podcast (with Stephen Dela Cruz).   

Transportation breakdown: Uber/Lyft 60%, walking 40%, biking 0%. I love taking the Circuit rideshare (the free FRED carts that go around downtown).

Pets: My dog, Tofu! He’s a Lab mix. I obsess over him and his big personality. He loves doggy ice cream and won’t won’t sleep at night until we give it to him.  

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University Club Atop Symphony Towers. (Facebook)

Fave coffee spot: University Club Atop Symphony Towers. Been a member since 2016. Love to work there, meet prospects and clients, and attend all their events. 

Let’s do lunch: Beshock Ramen on 13th and Market. Outstanding food quality and service. I get the traditional ramen and side of rice. 

Must-do dinner(s): My wife and I love fine dining, especially Born & Raised, Cowboy Star and Animae. Any good steakhouse, we’re there.

Cowboy Star. (Facebook)

Scariest moment: Our apartment building uses fobs, not keys. I once came home at 4 a.m. and had forgotten my fob. Had no way to get upstairs and ended up getting a hotel room for the night/morning. 

Best event(s): My wife and I love walking around downtown during Halloween to see all the people in their costumes. Same thing for Comic-Con.

Padres: I don’t do sports but I take clients to Petco Park and always get the hospitality package with the special rooms. I’m focused on clients having a good time…and the food.

The city needs to: Do more sidewalk cleaning and have better homeless programs to get people off the streets. 

Parting advice: Valet. Your time is more precious than money. You can always make more money later, but you can never get more time. If you have to spend 10 minutes finding parking, go valet!  SDSun


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