Living In The City: Tell Your Downtown San Diego Story Here!

The San Diego Sun wants your perspective on downtown living. Scooters. The Padres. Coffee shops. Homelessness. You Name It.

“Living In the City” is the San Diego Sun‘s feature Q&A with downtown San Diego residents. It’s a way to get to know the city by meeting the people who live here.

This is an ongoing series. And we want to hear from you.

The process is simple. Send an email expressing your interest to: [email protected] Put “Living In The City” in the subject line.

Note: if you received this story as a free or premium (“SpeakEasy”) subscriber you can reply directly to this email.

In the email, mention what part of downtown you live in, and list a couple topics that you’d like to share thoughts about. Feel free to be brief.

You’ll get a reply on how we proceed.

Fair warning: The “Living In The City” Q&A is lengthy. You don’t have to answer every question, but the process requires a time commitment.

The final product will result in headlines like these (click to see full stories):

Living In The City…With Scooters

New scooters laws will be rolling into effect in San Diego.

One question in the LITC Q&A is about electric scooters. (New e-scooter regulation was also the lead subject of the latest essay in SpeakEasy, the San Diego Sun’s premium newsletter.)

Here’s a sampling of opinions on scooters from past LITC respondents:

Laura Fink, East Village: “One ran over my foot coming around the corner of 13th and Market–then the rider apologized to my brother! I find them a necessary nuisance. Stay off the sidewalk people! (This is the “Get off my lawn” of downtown living.)”

Shay Priyadarshi, Marina District: “I love them. They’re not a problem…until evenings around the Gaslamp Quarter. The city needs to declare the whole of Gaslamp as a pedestrian zone.”

Kaushal Patel, East Village: “I think they are dangerous. I feel riders who don’t use the designated lanes created for bikes and scooters and ride on the sidewalk should be fined.”

Gregg Pohll, Little Italy: “Never used one. On rare occasions, I’ve had to pick one up and move it out of a walkway. Overall, they are managed adequately.”

Khea Pollard, Midtown: “They’re kind of annoying. But, probably good for the environment so I can be down.”

Danny Rolls, Marina District: “It’s more about the user than the scooter. Perhaps have a breathalyzer test to get them started?”

What’s your take? If you’ve got something to say about scooters–or urban life in general–email today! This is a chance to be the subject of a San Diego Sun Q&A and praise or vent about your Living In The City experience. SDSun

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