LIVING IN THE CITY: Katy Temple Is Anchored by Urban Humanity

This former local sports broadcaster came back to downtown San Diego for walkability, all-hours access and the full menu at Davanti Enoteca

“Living In the City” is the San Diego Sun‘s feature Q&A with downtown San Diego residents. It’s a way to get to know the city by meeting the people who live here. This is an ongoing series.

Name: Katy Temple

Location: Formerly Little Italy, now living in the Marina District.

Personal deets: Born in Oakland. Grew up in Merced in California’s Central Valley. Moved to San Diego for the first time in 1999 and lived in Hillcrest. Left in 2005 and moved back to downtown San Diego in 2011.

Work deets: I was hired to anchor sports for the launch of Fox6 San Diego (XETV) in 1999. In 2005, I moved to Atlanta to work for Fox Sports South. Came back to San Diego for a job opportunity in the tech sector, serving Qualcomm. I launched my own business five years ago: Katy Temple Media Coaching.

A downtown crowd waits for darkness on the Embarcadero on July 4, 2022. (Photo by Sal Giametta)

Downtown is: Humanity. I like being downtown because I like to walk. And if I want to have a late dinner or a late drink and watch the game, I can do that. Those kind of things all close down early in North County or La Jolla.

I also like to observe humanity. To see people and watch what they’re doing and what they’re interested in. All different types. Downtown is where the diversity of humanity is. All hours of the day. Because I’m not driving around in my car, I can pay attention, watch people and look into their eyes. That’s what I love.

A small tent encampment in East Village.

Homelessness: It makes me sad. The homeless situation in San Diego is overwhelming. You want to help everyone, but I’m not a corporation so I can’t help everybody.

I found one unsheltered guy with a calm demeanor, who is safe and I know would never hurt me. I know his name; I don’t know if he knows mine. When I see him we go shopping together.

I first started seeing him around a 7-Eleven. We’ve gotten into a rhythm. He’ll come inside a store with me and pick out what he wants. Or, if I see him on my way to a meeting, I’ll ask him what he wants. He’ll say, “Just a cup of black coffee would be great.” I’ll go to a meeting and come back later with the coffee.

As a woman, I’m always on the lookout for my safety. He moves around. I see him randomly. I don’t go looking for him, but I always wonder about him. He’s a human being and you want to respect that.

Padres pitcher Jake Peavy, circa 2005, when Temple covered the team. (Getty Images)

Good sports: I haven’t been to as many Padres games since I covered the team for TV, from 1999-2005. I got to transition from Jack Murphy Stadium to Petco Park. It was exciting. At the time, Trevor Hoffman was there. Tony Gwynn. Phil Nevin. Jake Peavy was a good interview. Bruce Bochy was the manager. It was a great crew to cover.

One time, I’d bought a pink suit that I was excited about. I walked up to the scrum (group of reporters) interviewing Boch, while wearing the suit. He said, “Oh, look, the Easter Bunny is here.” It was funny.

A National League baseball park is my happy place. I love just sitting in the stands. I like being at a baseball game because I can relax–just watch the game and chat here and there. I don’t like to go to games with people who are too chatty.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner shines at Davanti Enoteca. (Facebook)

Breakfast spot(s): I don’t go out to breakfast a ton. If company is coming into town I take them to Richard Walker’s Pancake House. (About the waiting line: I’d never go on the weekend, but the line does move really quick.) Breakfast Republic is good, too. In Little Italy, Davanti Enoteca has a delicious breakfast. And Frost Me Cafe & Bakery, in the Piazza della Famiglia is a fun little spot. The have a French-style, gluten-free quiche.

Lunch(es): I work from home and have an odd eating schedule. If I’m doing a business lunch, I’ll do Puesto (at The Headquarters). Or, Davanti Enoteca. Carnitas Snack Shack is good.

Dinner(s): Salvatore’s. It’s close to me, it’s remodeled and I know I can watch a game on TV at the bar. The food and customer service are great. And, yes, again, dinner in Little Italy would be Davanti. Or Juniper & Ivy. In East Village, I love Naughty Barrel–the food is delicious and the game will always be on TV.

Must-see spots for visitors: When I have out-of-town guests I have anxiety about showing them a good time. There are so many options. There’s the view from Seneca at the top of the InterContinental Hotel. People love the Little Italy Farmer’s Market. My nieces go crazy for the ice cream at Salt & Straw. Little Italy in general. I’ll say it again, Davanti Enoteca. And Sam the Cooking Guy‘s places in the Piazza della Famiglia.

Frost Me Cafe and Bakery in Little Italy. (Facebook)

Transportation breakdown: Walking, 80 percent. Uber, 20 percent.

Scooters: They’re really, really fun to ride–but they’re dangerous. I don’t like when I see people riding them on the sidewalk. I was almost taken out a couple times by scooters. But yes, I’ve ridden them. They are super fun but one wrong move and I’m in the hospital.

Best reason to live downtown: The walkability of urban living. If I don’t have to use my car for the weekend I’m stoked.

Best aspect of your neighborhood: The Marina District is a little quieter than Little Italy.

Worst part of living downtown: The tourists.

Katy Temple embraces her inner tourist at Carnitas Snack Shack.

Comic-Con: I love the creativity of it. It’s cool. I love the idea of powerful business people walking around dressed as Spiderman.

Streaming & viewing: Sports. I always see who’s playing the Game of the Week. Baseball. Golf…CBS’s Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley…Schitt’s Creek. Grace & Frankie. I like stand-up comedy specials on Netflix.

Classic movies: Moneyball. Bull Durham. A League of Their Own. Trouble With The Curve.

Memorable downtown moments: I walk by Pantoja Park and I love seeing a small yoga class in one corner and a kid practicing baseball skills in another corner. And there’ll also be people with their dogs. I like that. I feel like that’s life. SDSun


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