Rise and Shine With The New “Sunday Sun”

A beefed-up, weekly version of The San Diego Sun’s e-newsletter will debut in subscriber inboxes on July 2, 2023
The Sunday Sun e-newsletter debuts on July 2, 2023. (Photo by Adam Satria/Unsplash)

In the late 1960s, a Chicago-area auto racing announcer promoted upcoming shows with an iconic, ascending-in-volume pitch: “Sunday! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!”

Monster truck shows of the 1980s and ’90s borrowed the catchphrase. It’s a memorable call to action.  And it’s a fit for the monster change coming to The San Diego Sun.

Readers looking for coverage of downtown San Diego news and events can now get it via e-newsletter every Sunday. 

“The Sunday Sun” e-newsletter premiered on July 2, 2023. Make plans to grab a cup of coffee and dig into it on Sunday mornings.

The Sunday Sun will be a free, formatted collection of stories that provide fresh takes on recent news and a look to the week ahead. All 5,000 current subscribers will automatically switch to Sunday-only delivery and receive continued access to stories about downtown’s live/work/play issues. 

To become a new subscriber, go to: The Sunday Sun newsletter.

The San Diego Sun website will still be an active place where news stories, photo essays, resident profiles, and much more, will be posted frequently. The difference: Now, all that weekly activity will be summarized in The Sunday Sun.

Note: If downtown-centric news breaks, we’ll occasionally put out “San Diego Sun: Extra” e-newsletter coverage. Any day of the week.


Sadly, local journalism has been in rapid decline on all platforms. Witness the July buyout of The San Diego Union-Triubune. The Sun is working to fight back against that trend.

Close to 40,000 people live in downtown’s 92101 ZIP Code. More than a hundred thousand people work in the city. Annually, millions of tourists visit. The San Diego Sun–and now The Sunday Sun–is a resource to all those who live or work downtown, or plan to visit.

This eclectic site is the only independent professional news source that focuses solely on downtown San Diego. It’s a local, boutique operation, not a franchise or part of a corporate chain of newsletters.

Ron Donoho is the editor/founder of The Sun. He spent a dozen years as executive editor at San Diego Magazine, served as editor of the alt-weekly San Diego CityBeat, and is a regular contributor to San Diego’s Ranch & Coast Magazine.

Donoho, who has lived in downtown San Diego for three decades, has been published in more than three dozen national, regional and local media outlets.

The Sun rose to prominence in 2021, coming to life via funding from Meta/Facebook’s Independent Journalism Project.  

In two years, The Sun won 10 writing awards from the San Diego chapters of The Press Club and the Society of Professional Journalists.

Make The Sunday Sun part of your weekend routine. (Photo by Azat Satlykov/Unsplash)

The Sun is currently winding down a reader donation campaign. Any level of financial support is welcome and appreciated. There’s still time to donate by going to this link: Support The Sun

To help become a financially viable entity, The Sun recently partnered with veteran sales professional Steve Jahn to be the site’s first Director of Sales & Marketing. 

Jahn has 30 years of business development experience, including six years in media advertising sales. He was a regional account executive for San Diego Magazine and also spent a decade as CEO of Charli Charger USA.

Want to reach out to Jahn about advertising opportunities in The Sun? Email him at sales@thesandiegosun.com, or ring him at 858-220-0476. He’s available anytime. Even on Sunday, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!  



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