Actress Jane Lynch Named Mayor of Funner Casino-Resort

The award-winning funny lady succeeds two other celebrities as the public voice of Harrah's Resort Southern California

THE SUNBAKED FORMALITIES at the casino pool complex included a swearing-in ceremony, the presentation of a key to the city and a confetti shower.

After the pomp, award-winning entertainer Jane Lynch was announced as the new mayor of Funner, home to Harrah’s Resort Southern California.

The Native American casino, run by the Rincon Band of Luiseño Mission Indians, is roughly one hour northeast of San Diego.

Predecessors in the Funner mayoral seat include actors Rob Riggle (2019-2022) and David Hasselhoff (2017-2019).

While the mayor of Funner generally does not enact legislation or oversee public works, the job does come with high visibility.

Mayoral duties are not expected to conflict with Lynch currently starring in the Broadway show version of Funny Girl. (Cross-promo opp, no doubt.)

Jane Lynch officially accepts the role as mayor of Funner on May 16 at a luncheon on the Dive pool deck at Harrah’s Resort Southern California.

On her May 16 inauguration day, Lynch sat down with the San Diego Sun to discuss a range of topics, including: having a mayor with a female touch; how acting roles influence political leadership; and the ways she and Floyd the Falcon, her number-two in command, will divide job responsibilities:

How much more fun per visit can people expect during a Mayor Lynch administration at Funner? Is there an algorithm?

I advocate staying in the moment and finding the fun that’s right in front of you. When you come to Harrah’s, you’ve got everything. If you’re at the pool, be in the moment, soak in the sun and fun. When you go to the next place, soak in the sun and the fun of that place. That’s the Mayor Lynch algorithm.

After terms by David Hasselhoff and Rob Riggle, what does it mean to now have a female mayor of Funner?

The female point of view is a more compassionate, inclusive and fluid kind of fun. The masculine kind of fun is “hit the nail on the head.” This is going to be more of an experience. You’ll see that especially reflected in the treatment and spa areas. Look for special aromas named after me.

What advice has your friend Rob Riggle given you to aid in a smooth transition of power?

I haven’t spoken to Rob about this. I think he’s a little bitter that he wasn’t able to have another term. He wasn’t too anxious to give up this throne. I’m sure I’ll see him soon, and he’ll have some advice for me that I’ll ignore.

Rob Riggle wore a cape while mayor. Will you?

That was his choice, his platform. He was royalty. Kind of the spoiled king lounging on a throne. I’m more about the people. And being of service to the people. I’m a populist mayor.

Jane Lynch poses with a 2019 Emmy for her work on “The Fabulous Mrs. Maisel.” (Getty Images)

How did some of your acting roles best prepare you to be a casino/city politician?

  • Sue Sylvester on Glee. She was a controller. And a bit on the violent side. But she was really good at bringing out the best in people. I’ll do that here. I won’t throw people into lockers. I left all that on the set of Glee.
  • Sophie Lennon on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I’ll speak for Sophie Lennon the stand-up comic, the housewife from Queens. This is a woman who knew how to harness fun in her life. This is a woman who could laugh at anything. I’ll leave Sophie Lennon the entitled, miserable actress at home.
  • The host of The Weakest Link. The thing I like about hosting game shows, including Hollywood Game Night, is providing people with an opportunity to have fun. I’m sensing a theme here. I want people to know I will take care of them. And like a good mother, I’m there for them.

Funner. Yes, it’s a real name.

Have you considered changing the name here to Funnier? Funnest? Lynchville?

Hmm, not Lynchville. Funnier would be good. You know what I love about Funner? I don’t think it’s really a word. It’s “more fun,” right? That’s why I like Funner. We’re saying, “Who cares if it’s a word? So what if its in the gray area of English? We’re going to use it and embrace it.”

You’re not doing this job alone. Tell us about Floyd the Falcon.

Floyd is my right-hand man. My number-two. He does all the dirty work behind the scenes. Good cop/bad cop kind of thing. He’s my eyes on the ground–and falcons have great eyesight. He enforces the rules. He swoops down and tells people if they’re having the wrong kind of fun. Like if they’re getting too drunk.

Mayor Lynch confers with her number-two, Floyd the Falcon.

Speaking of that, you’ve got some mocktails made in your honor at Harrah’s bars. Is $7 is a fair price for a mocktail?

I’d give ’em away for free–but I didn’t say I was a great business woman. But yes, I don’t think seven bucks is gonna dent anybody’s wallet.

Could you shoot a TV show or movie here at Funner?

I would love to do that! This resort has aesthetic beauty. Everything. The mountains. The grounds. Crystal clear pools. The casino has such a chill vibe. Visually this place is just gorgeous.

Any Funner show idea in the works?

Hey, I have people for that. I just show up and look pretty. Floyd will figure these things out. He’s the details guy. SDSun


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