2022 New Year's Resolutions for Downtown San Diego: Listen Up Bikers, Scooters, Padres & Others

Fingers crossed for a good riddance to COVID, here are a dozen actions and activities to aspire to when the calendar changes

Making New Year’s Resolutions is a sign of optimism.

Slumping into 2022, we’re going to need all the positivity possible.

No one officially asked, but here are a dozen resolutions for Downtown San Diego. Collective in nature, these aspirational aims presume a steep reduction in COVID cases.

Take these personally, or join the San Diego Sun in urging these actions or activities upon the urban masses.

Happy New Year! Now, resolve to: stay informed on downtown San Diego news and events!

Be a better biking community.

The Fifth Avenue Uptown Bikeways project during 2021.

Downtown San Diego has built out bicycle lanes and continues to upgrade the bike path infrastructure. Kudos for the effort. Better communication of the existing pathways would be nice. And for the love of safety, finish the curb-protected Fifth Avenue Uptown Bikeway.

Speaking of alternate transportation, scoot responsibly.

Those omnipresent electric scooters have numerous detractors. When used properly, Birds and Lyfts are a benefit. Especially for “last-mile” transportation. The resolution for riders: Respect pedestrians. Stay off sidewalks when possible. Don’t ride the wrong way on one-way streets. No Bird Brains.

Have a heart for the homeless.

Never stop caring. Downtown’s number-one social issue sometimes seems unsolvable. Nonetheless, service providers never give up. Support those organizations. Politicians have offered lip service for decades, but good intention seems to fill the zeitgeist. Don’t stop pressuring pols, or let then pull their feet off the pedal in a push for housing solutions.

Keep the faith that the Padres make the playoffs.

Playoffs or bust for Fernando Tatis Jr. and the Padres.

Our major league baseball team has a history of missing the postseason. The team’s 2021 collapse was a colossal heartbreak. Here we go again with yet another new manager. Boys of Summer, let’s finally see some consistent fall baseball in Petco Park.

Eat out in as many Little Italy restaurants as possible.

Little Italy is booming. If you haven’t gone out here for lunch, brunch or dinner, you’re missing out. What was formerly contained on India Street has expanded to the north. And westward, to Kettner Boulevard. San Diego’s Little Italy used to be minuscolo. Today, it’s grande. Buon appetito!

Somebody, please open a great Chinese restaurant.

Just a good, old-fashioned spot for dine-in or takeout. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Or something-fusion. Anybody remember when China Too had a decent menu? And employed a bicycle delivery guy (who took an hour-plus to arrive)? He’s sorely missed.

Celebrate the full return of Comic-Con.

Glorious Comic-Con cosplay (from the condensed 2021 Special Edition).

Downtown San Diego will once again be the destination for Geek Nation. From July 21-24, 2022, the full force of Comic-Con will be felt at the convention center. Even if the show is a sellout—and it will be—thousands will gather outside on Fifth Avenue to gawk at the pageantry that is Comic-Con cosplay. In downtown, we are all Batman.

Re-open storefronts in the Gaslamp Quarter.

The downtown entertainment district can’t fulfill its mission when every other storefront is empty. Restaurants. Bars. Boutiques. Whatever magic Barleymash has conjured, let’s spread it to the rest of Fifth Avenue.

Speed up reconstruction of Horton Plaza.

When it opened in 1985, Horton Plaza revitalized downtown retail. The mall was demolished in May 2020. (Macy’s, you will be missed.) A new Campus at Horton promises to be an innovation hub—tech and biotech companies mixed with street-level entertainment, dining and retail. Rebuild it, and we will come.

See a show at The Rady Shell.

The gorgeous Rady Shell at Jacobs Park.

A music venue of otherworldly perfection has landed at Embarcadero Marina Park South. The Rady Shell at Jacobs Park is now the permanent outdoor home to the San Diego Symphony. In 2022, it’ll host numerous concerts and events. Don’t pass up an opportunity to grab a seat at this world-class setting.

Come back for an encore, Wonderfront.

The Wonderfront Music & Arts Festival premiered in November 2019. It gave hope that Street Scene finally had a music-block-party successor. Then, COVID. Twice. Give us back three days in the ’hood of rock, reggae and hip-hop.

Lastly, deliver a moment of Zen for grocery shoppers.

Hey, staff at Ralphs (Marina District) and Albertsons (East Village): How about a smile once and awhile? Granted, grocery shoppers aren’t an easy crowd. Engage us, anyway. Make some eye contact. Don’t talk about how your lunch break is late. Fill our grocery needs—but also, please, feed our starving souls. SDSun

[COVER PHOTO: Nora Carol Photography/Getty Images]



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