Wanna be a goofball with me?

Hello. I have this on my forehead

In a weird but proud way

Cuz the world feels like it’s falling apart

But it’s not

and we have to believe it’s going to be okay…

Today, for me, that manifested as wearing weird makeup

Let’s try to be ourselves, and to find ourselves,

and spend more time with ourselves.

Listen to what makes you happy

Manifest your joy in whatever way you can

**I’m going to order some turquoise eye makeup

and maybe even dye my hair pink again

Cuz why not?

Cuz it’s gonna be like this

[In which we’re stuck



We have to be responsible

We have to stay at home.

We have to do what we have to do to

Be at peace with ourselves

And to do whatever we can

To be as healthy as possible

And I’m so grateful to my family and friends.

**So tell me, friends,

What are you doing to be happy and safe?

How are you manifesting joy?

And being creative?

And finding new ways to thrive?

And new ways to grow?

And also new ways to let go?

And new ways to liberate  yourself?

From your previous conceptions of you?