Small Biz Saturday: Botanica & Other Beautiful (OB) Things

I ventured out into the world of Small Biz Saturday with the intention of getting a good coffee, a good book and a plant I’d have a shot at keeping alive.

I kicked off my post-Thanksgiving Saturday with a fab drip coffee java joe and a borrowed copy of NYT at Coffee Method in my newly beloved hood of Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA. As I sat back and reclined in the Adirondack, with my pup nuzzling all the while, I thought to myself, what a fortunate existence.

Then I went to the hardware store, picked up a ceiling hook kit for two bucks and some casual conversation, and made my way to the Ocean Beach library where I found myself a riveting lady-written Zen-driven mystery book which I dove into the first couple chapters of while I charged my phone with my broken leg while the pup rolled around on the carpet.

Then I ventured over to the plant heaven I’d so ogled over previously and had actually asked the owner, before I was even living in the neighborhood, if she’d be open to chatting with me for my blog. I found an awesome copper diamond plant hanger and a lovely $4 ivy plant candidate for the job, and I got myself I new plant. I paused and paced and awkwardly hung around with my pup while I built up the courage to interview the owner about her business. And when I finally did get up the courage to see if she’d be up for speaking me on camera to help showcase the beautiful vibe that is and faces of OB, she graciously and effortlessly complied.