Happy Thanksgiving

Today, San Diego was rainy. So I had to stay inside. For one of maybe 5 days a day, it was too not nice to be outside today. And I had a broken foot. I did not take a picture of this purported rain. Nor do I wish I had.

It was very difficult with my robo boot of a broken foot. Nonetheless, I walked Milo, cleaned the kitchen, got ready for the rain as best I could with my robo boot. I had signed up for an early morning yoga class, gotten there, and was locked out. It was rainy and gross and I had a wet boot and it was gross.

Lucky for me, OB is a magical place. I remembered OB Beans and decided to treat myself to a wonderfully delicious matcha coconut latte with honey and a chocolate croissant, and spend the morning reading San Diego Reader through which I learned about bug bigotry, mural wars, and tried crossword puzzles. I also hung holiday lights and got cozy, and was welcomed into a friend’s dad’s home for a lovely vegan Thanksgiving.


Following a delicious meal with an eclectic crew of people who had mostly just met each other and were from many countries other than the U.S. which was awesome and appreciated, I got home, FaceTimed with my cuz in Denver who inspired me to not be afraid of just sharing what I have to say and hoping people will listen, and am now looking around at this lovely cozy home I’ve made for myself with the love and support for my friends and family, listening to a Thanksgiving playlist of songs that are hitting the spot in terms of the familiarity that we all need on these types of holidays, and I feel so, so lucky.

I could have easily felt frustrated and adrift this Thanksgiving, because I broke my foot so I wasn’t able to drive to Sedona to spend the holiday with my family. Instead, I’m choosing to celebrate the fact that I get to spend more time with my pup and myself, am sparing myself the potential threat of putting myself in a dangerous driving situation in trying to drive around mountains in the rain on a broken foot, and am choosing to “do it my way”, so to speak.

Things weren’t perfect this Thanksgiving, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that they wouldn’t be no matter what– regardless of the change in plans. And that’s okay. The important part is focusing the brain on what went well and letting those feelings sink in and falling into that gear. The important part is focusing on the good and ruminating in it and being appreciative of it and expressing our appreciation for the goodness we find in others. And there’s a lot of goodness out there.