Trying for Rays of Sunshine

San Diego has brought me many incredible things (experiences, connections, new understandings) and just now, sitting on my yoga pillow in my Hillcrest apartment watching the sun come down over the towering stretching sumacs (and the busy highway I pretend is the ocean sound)…and I had an epiphany.

I know what I want to do with this blog now. I know what it’s meant to be.


I was all ready to kick this thing off — I started interviewing businesses 8 months ago…I did. And it was great. I interviewed a very sweet and passionate salon manager for a local Hillcrest nail salon and got some fun photos of the salon. It had the sweet tone to it that a school paper “review” from back in the day would have. I loved it even though I knew it was sticky sweet – local positive review for a local female-dominated business. I got my pics all posted and even got a fancy audio recorder in which I recorded the interview, which I felt added a cheerier, more personal tone to the conversation.

I tried to export it, and realized I didn’t have the cable needed to connect my computer with the recorder. That or I needed some sort of microadapter or something. That threw my whole plan off.

Then I got busy at work. Really busy. Like flying all around but really exciting opportunities busy.


Then I got a pup. A really cute, very love-demanding adorable 10-year-old pup who I named Milo. Then I stopped exercising. And started introspecting. Hard.

Life has a way of taking you down paths and when you don’t want to take that path, nudging you toward rethinking your reluctance and diving into the discomfort of newness.

I’ve found my places here. Instagram is full of a million of ’em (mainly Balboa Park, Ocean Beach & lovely Hillcrest).

But I’ve needed to turn a page and find more new. Via real experiences, not just smile & nod interviews. Via storytelling, not just scratching the surface level. I need to “Find” San Diego. The real San Diego. By connecting with many of its wonderful, kind-hearted, all different walks of life people.

For me being the serial introvert that I am, let me tell you I don’t like videos of myself, hearing the sound of my voice, or being visible in any way in a storyline…but I love and so value the power of storytelling and storysharing.

And today, with as much hatred and ugliness as there is in the world, I’m going to be brave and share my rays of sunshine that I encounter every day in this always-70 degrees (and 70s-feeling) paradise with you.

My mission, my purpose, for at me at least right now, is to do to muster up the courage to share with you as best I can the San Diego I’ve fallen in love with and that I continue to fall in love with day in and day out in new and different ways…with the hope it helps you find beauty in sharing the beauty you’re finding in your own daily lives, through nature and others. So here we go ❤