Coronado Dreamin’

Coronado is beautiful. It’s the classiest of beaches in San Diego. It’s where “Some Like It Hot” with Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemmon was filmed.


The beach has white sand and is pretty sprawling. It’s fun to bring a ball / frisbee (if you’re not too obnoxious about it) and have a beach blanket picnic. By the Del, you can grab a perfectly manicured greet spot of grass to read and write and color and hang out with friends upon.

The shops are nice for souvenirs, there’s just enough little notes about history delicately laced throughout that you feel like you’re doing something cultural while also getting a cocktail or an ice cream cone. Also, in the winter they put up an ice skating rink on the beach, which is pretty sweet.

I like going to Clayton’s Coffee Shop for a coffee and/or breakfast taco, then to Bay Books to pick out a fun beach read and the CVS nearby if I need more sunscreen / forget a hat, then make my way down to the beach path. I find a spot to read a little, then maybe get a drink at a sandbar while watching the sunset, then head back to home back in Hillcrest.

What’s your fave place to go in Coronado? Any tips for how to find shady — as in, away from the sun, not sketchy 🙂 — beach reading spots?