Welcome to the San Diego Sun


IMG_5087The San Diego Sun is intended to inform and entertain residents and visitors about the beautiful ability San Diego provides to allow all of us to re-invent ourselves.

What have you always wanted to try? What life have you always wanted to try to live? What dream have you wanted to realize? Who have you wanted to be?

Together, we’ll hear from local artists, musicians, store owners and bookkeepers about what inspires them, challenges them and helps them to grow in San Diego so you all can take full advantage of the beauty of recreation and inspiration that surfaces on the daily here.

The hope is that sharing these insights from cool and inspiring people about what they love most about being in a city they love and doing things they care about, we’ll all be inspired to follow our passions and create art and beauty in our own unique and different ways. To art! And the land of the sun from whence we derive our inspiration and hope for a bright today and a sunnier tomorrow..

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